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tv   News at 5  NBC  June 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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svedberg . boston, massachusetts. 4.5 million live here or nearby. two years ago they got over a million here for a parade. they would like to do that again. first things first no, room for an error. they need two out of two. >> saturday night after four battles had left two teams all square, the critical fifth game began with history shadowing and
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this stanley cup final became tense. but if the collisions were unforgiving. the blackhawks were unrelenting. with the familiar score seizing the starring role -- >> it's kane again! >> and with the resilient goaltender returning, the hawks emerged from the hostilities one win away. so here comes the next stats. on ice where boston is strongest and where they need desperately to get one back before focusing on reclaiming the ultimate reward. but the scenario is familiar. reminiscent of unforgettable heroics, three years ago they made history. the same team led by the same star is now again in the same building.
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we know how it feels to lift it but repeating has never been more enticing. game 6 next. one of the busiest places in this old city, north station. td garden is here. welcome to the stanley cup final, present by geico. boston fans know it is their last time here for a hockey game until october. but will they leave with one more thrilling memory? first of four wins this. blackhawks, 3, bruins, 2. good evening, everyone. i'm mike emrick. the stanley cup will be going to chicago either with the blackhawks tonight or for a presentation to someone after game number 7. if it is needed here tonight, if the scoreboard warrants, it will be here but fashionably late. good news for fans of both
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teams, jonathan toews from chicago, patrice bergeron. boston. injury questions but they will play. the difficult news for the players and the ice crew, the conditions. a record high in boston today of 95 degrees. currently it is 89 outside. and the humidity has gone up to 51%. for a closer look at what's ahead in game six. >> thanks so much. certainly positive news about toews and bergeron and a brilliantly played series deserves to be settled with the best players on the ice tonight. a potential elimination affair. if you're the boston bruins, what is the key to not seeing them celebrate? >> they have to play their game. they have to be physical early. doc talked about the ice conditions. it will be bouncing pucks play a heavy solid boston bruins style of game and take one back. an opportunity to get the series even and head back to chicago for game 7. >> if you're chicago and you want to hoist the cup tonight, what do you have to do? >> you don't have to change
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anything. they've won the last two games. they're hoping toews is 100%. it appears that he is. they're a puck possession team. they possess the puck a lot. they're a team that pursues the puck when they don't have it. they did that extremely well. why change a thing? >> this postseason, the blackhawks have been closers going 3-0 in game in which they could eliminate the opposition. but claude julien says his bruins are not afraid of the moment and panic is not in their dna. >> score! >> that's it. >> no panic. you won't push us away that easily. >> patrice bergeron. score! >> the bruins get a shut-out win. ♪
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welcome back to boston. the blackhawks, a win away from hoisting the cup. for the bruins and their fans, the mission is simple. send the series back to chicago. in this sport we speak so frequently about the delivery of hits. what of the ones absorbed? this postseason the blackhawks have been on the receiving end of 830 heavy hits. it is second only to the 856 for the bruins. the cumulative effect was felt
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by the stars. patrice bergeron was forced to leave the game in the second period. he was taken to a chicago hospital. although he did not participate in today's morning skate, claude julien said he was confident that bergeron would play tonight. for the latest on this situation, let's bring in pierre mcguire. >> thank you very much. the good news for bruins fans park trees bergeron looked pain-free in the warm-up. he was skating well. participated in the three-on-two rushes. the big thing is he was shooting the puck. sometimes guys have a tough time shooting when it is upper body. when it is lower body, sometime guys have trouble crossing over. he was strong in the puck. you can see he was much more comfortable in this environment than he was at the tail end of game number 5 in chicago. >> pierre bergeron was the recipient. he sat out after game five after being on the business end of game 5. this morning he was 100%. so pierre, what's the
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expectation for jonathan toews? >> to be the superstar that he is. when you watched him this morning in passing, he had quickness, focus, skill, he had the dexterity you need to be a superstar player in this league. watching him in the warm-up. comfort zone for jonathan toews, playing along the boards. being quick to the puck. making his line mates like bryan bickell and patrick kane be better. both of these players understand this moment and they're ready to go for game 6. >> and pierre, toews' presence should be a big boost to his line mate. the mullet enthusiast is now a prime conn smythe contender. the he says, i just have to be better. [ bell dings ]
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garden. this is boston. eddie olczyk is here. how does a player adjust to the warm day. >> eddie: you drink a lot of fluids. we know the ice won't be very great. you have to simplify it. for the players, you don't want dehydration to seep in. you're taking a lot of water. when the game is on the ice, pucks need to be straight ahead. you just can't make pretty plays. >> mike: boston, if there is a game 7. who has to be prom nenl for them? >> eddie: i am going to brad marchand. he doesn't have any points in the final as liam was talking about a little earlier. he's had some chances. but he is not being the agitator that we've seen him do. get in on the fore-check. he needs to step to the forefront. he needs to find a way to generate some momentum and offensive opportunities. that's the brad marchand we're used to seeing. those types of plays. the players are all banged up
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but brad marchand can't be in between in game 6. >> mike: chicago goes on as champion, who do you think will make a difference? >> eddie: patrick kane seems to have the hot-stick as he did in the l.a. series when the blackhawks won the western conference final. look where patrick kane will score his goals. you want to score, you have to get to the net. you might take an elbow. to score goals, you have to get to the front. patrick kane is certainly doing that. here the other night in game 5, he scored two goals right in front and around tuukka rask. >> mike: for the latest game ever in the stanley cup playoffs, the other, 1995. the bruins want to force a new record two nights from now. >> kind of a surreal moment. >> patrick kane has scored the goal! >> it is something i'll never forget. >> the stanley cup to the blackhawks. >> one of the greatest moments in my life, to be back again.
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stanley cup in 1961. that was their third championship. tonight they might get their fifth. the jerseys you see the bruins wearing, virtually unchanged since 1939. they have won six titles. back on january 19th, they played their first home game. after the lockout shortened season. tonight becomes home game number 36. they've done pretty well here in the playoffs, winning 8 out of 11. there are rituals out in the hallway. everyone has their part. and it needs to follow a certain order. but the blackhawks are stepping to the ice and very shortly, tuukka rask will bring out those boston bruins yet again.
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>> ladies and gentlemen! >> mike: eddie, so much has been said about health. what is the mindset of a hockey player when he knows that the opponent's health is not 100%. >> well, you have to make sure that you don't let anybody off the hook at any time. in a playoff game. >> mike: down to the ice, pierre mcguire and bruins captain zdeno chara. >> pierre: you guys have faced elimination in the ice before and you've overcome it. what's the key? >> well, you have to be excited to play the game. >> pierre: when you play against chicago, they know the cup is in the house. what's the best way to take their speed out of it? >> we have to manage the puck. >> pierre: they think they have you tired.
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they think they have you out. do they? >> we'll see about that. >> pierre: doc? >> mike: good answer. zdeno chara as was the case with bobby years before. they have thrown the puck in his corner to see what they can do. we'll learn later. bruins anthem singer rene rencourt has had an interesting life but not so interesting as i made it last week. during the vietnam era, he was a trained artillery man in the army. after he won a singing competition, he was made a specialist appearing in gi joe's. he never claimed a combat role nor special honors. then and now he honors the country and builds morale. you will notice after he sings there is a military salute and a fist pump. he told me before the game, he has only done three fist pumps one time. that was wednesday, prior to game four. we'll see tonight. here's p.a. announcer jim martin.
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>> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, we ask that you please remove your caps for the singing of the national anthem performed by a garden legend. please welcome rene rencourt. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets'
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red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> mike: four! a record!
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well, to the goalies. who need to win four in the championship to get a chi. corey crawford, 28, was not with the blackhawks when they won in 2010. 15 wins. he needs 16. tuukka rask, 26, when the bruins won the stanley cup in 2011. 14 wins. patrice bergeron is playing but not starting. jonathan toews is playing and starting with bryan bickell and patrik kane. with duncan keith and brent seabrook. nathan horton, david krejci up front for the bruins. zdeno chara, dennis seidenberg in back. we are underway in game number 6. >> eddie: the opening face-off against toews. >> mike: the first hit is on
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seabrook. mike krejci led to the back but off the stick of zdeno chara. he'll have to chase it down. pursued by patrick kane. >> eddie: the bouncing puck. good play there by the bruins. >> mike: toews' play malfunctioned. stepped into lucic. toews moves for that one. it clicked off him. picked up though to the outside. trying to work it across. to lucic. led it to the back to chara. swings it across for seidenberg. he went wide. it looked like it might have been a shot pass that he was hoping for. krejci booted it back. krejci dips the shoulder. lost it off his stick. still they battle for it and it kicks back haphazardly. around it goes. wiping out was marchand. we're getting some early clues with some difficult footing out there. >> eddie: there by bergeron on
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hjalmarrson. >> mike: there's jagr flipping on. marchand trying to dance by. we get a home play and offsides is called. >> eddie: after a good chip for the david krejci line, patrice bergeron, steps on to the ice and goes and gets a physical hit. right back into the game after not playing pretty much the last two periods of game 5, back in chicago. >> mike: a drive by boychuk. away by crawford. the crowd here recognizes the limitation and the courage and they gave bergeron a standing ovation during his first shift. a drive by boychuk went wide. pinching along. ference off hossa. gotten by hjalmarrson and hoisted out to center.
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paille's pass was flagged down. frolik will try it the other way. no luck there. it is paille all the way back. handed along to mcquaid. shut down by bolland. he got it as far as center. through the legs of bolland and back in and rask tends to the side. spun along by krug. taken by paille. ahead, carried by seguin. moving up the wing. laid it across and it wound up going behind the intended winger, chris kelly. >> eddie: he would have taken a quick look over his shoulder. it would have been a four-on-two. he never looked in behind him. >> mike: duncan keith rockets one ahead. but a collision there. and it went up out of play. expand your hockey experience with the verizon star cam on nbc
5:26 pm and throughout the game, we're streaming a live cam. the verizon star cam is available now on nbc and cranked along by leddy. snapped up by tuukka rask. back along for it to skip through past thornton and back down. rozsival there met by peverley. the two of them get down. knocked down, gets the puck. thornton angled it back. a tough play to make there. and it bounced back further. boychuk could not swing at it but the bruins got possession any way though this is not to leddy. back up the wing it comes to kane. up by ference. kane to the outside. it is close-off time there.
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from both ference and boychuk. but kane did not wear much of it. taken by toews. back to kane. chased off there by ference. he got it on to toews. met by the checking of peverley. and then hit by ference. and then played back along and hjalmarrson kept it. floated it back. bickell couldn't handle it. to kane! up the shot. the net was being sent forward. but it remains on its stanchions so play can continue. soderberg cannot make a play and it is nice all the way back down and covered by crawford. >> eddie: cleared right there by soderberg. this allows the blackhawks to sustain their best pressure of the game. some force from bickell. to toews, to kane. and a missed opportunity. but not getting the puck out of the zone. the blue lines are so important with both these teams. you have to get it in and get it
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out. he sailed clear. more times than not, it will end up on an attack. >> mike: lucic, a shot that is held by crawford. >> eddie: and handzus doesn't like the way jay dropped the puck. michal handzus really angry with the way it was drom. he dropped it cleanly. then he tries to wire it on crawford. he identifies and shoots and crawford is square on the shot. but handzus is very upset with the linesman. >> mike: from this time, seabrook gets it, jabs it behind and it swung back on by keith. marian hossa popped one ahead. grabbed by chara. pushed it into play. six hits for the bruins in this game and one for the blackhawks. the shots are 2-1 boston. the leading hitter for his team has been big number 17.
5:29 pm
milan lucic. >> eddie: the center iceman, chris kelly, david krejci. easier for kelly. a left-hand shot with a face-off to get some answers. >> mike: the lecture is given to handzus who had lectured the linesman before. funny how that comes back. seidenberg jabbed it for the play to be made by nathan horton. settled down by sharp. given back from keith. circle to circle to seabrook and back to duncan keith. striding back for this is sharp. seidenberg, defending him. goes around behind. met there by chara. the puck escaped to lucic. starts on back for the bruins. back up the wing. he got krejci moving. the omnipresent stick of duncan keith. laid on the back. seidenberg, the shot geared away by crawford. looked around behind. away from krejci on another tip
5:30 pm
by keith. fired around behind again. it is seabrook once more. trouble for handzus. floated it ahead. out of stick. right near the back-up goaltender. >> eddie: you mentioned two really good plays by duncan keith. quick developing plays. milan lucic going straight ahead on that two-on-one chance. krejci going hard to the net. >> mike: sharp taken up a little bit from that. >> eddie: sharp is a little shaken up. i can tell you the message on this bruins bench right now, hard on him all the time. he wants pucks in deep and he wants hard on the chicago bodies. >> mike: it is krug. marchand. send it to jagr. jagr dragging. stepped in by bolland. around behind it came


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